What Is A View In SQL?

SQL Views

If you’re learning SQL, then you might have heard about views. Exactly what are views, and how can you use them with your database? This article will help you to understand a bit about views in SQL! What Are SQL Views? Views are virtual tables. A view is created by executing an SQL query. It … Read more

What Is A Primary Key?

What Is A Primary Key

Primary keys are used to uniquely identify records in databases. They are used to make sure that every record has a unique identity. This article should help you understand a little more about primary keys! What Does Primary Key Mean? A primary key is a unique identifier for every row in a table. Primary keys … Read more

Is SQL Hard To Learn?

Is SQL Hard To Learn

There are a number of reasons learning SQL is still beneficial to this day, even over 50 years after its conception. It’s used virtually everywhere in the tech world- many companies rely on it, so it’s in as high demand as ever. Even if you’re not planning on entering a professional role in tech, there’s … Read more

What Is A Trigger In SQL?

What Is A Trigger In SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to access and manipulate data on a database. There are many codes used in SQL.  A trigger in SQL is a specific type of stored procedure that will automatically run whenever there is an event in a database server. Triggers are typically stored and managed by a Database Management … Read more

What Is Rank?

What Is Rank

Introduced to SQL in 2005, the Rank function has become a hugely beneficial database tool, especially for composing reports based on database information. However, despite existing for nearly two decades, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding Rank and neighbor tool, Dense_Rank. So, to ensure you don’t miss out on these awesome database management … Read more

What Is A Foreign Key In Database?

Foreign Key In Database

The really great thing about databases is their structure. They keep all our data logged logically, making information retrieval and management easier — hooray!  A single table in a database can help somebody run an entire aspect of their business, which is amazing, but here’s the thing… sometimes, it’s just not efficient to use a … Read more

What Is A Query In Database?

What Is A Query In Database

A query is a process of retrieving information from a data source, such as a relational database management system (RDBMS). A query may be used to retrieve all records that meet certain criteria, or it may be used to find only those records that match specific criteria. This article will help you to learn about … Read more

Can A Foreign Key Be A Primary Key?

Can A Foreign Key Be A Primary Key

Foreign Keys and Primary Keys are the perfect partners. You can think of them as the leads in your favorite buddy cop flick. They’re both extremely different but in ways that wind up complementing each other, helping them to eventually foil the bad guys and save the day. But, instead of bad guys, Keys foil … Read more

What Is The Purpose Of The Primary Key?

What Is The Purpose Of The Primary Key

When working with databases, the data kept in a single table can always be in relation to data kept in a different table. In order for a database to function as it should, the relationship needs to be adequately designated.  To do this, you need to use primary keys, and also foreign keys.  These keys … Read more

What Is MDS?

What Is MDS

If you own a Mac, you have probably pulled up the Activity Monitor now and again whenever your Mac slows down and starts to lag. You have noticed something that comes up under the process name of ‘MDS’. This is the one with the usual high CPU utilization percentage – but what does it mean … Read more