What Is Percentile Rank?

What Is Percentile Rank

When it comes to analyzing and comparing data, percentile rank can be a useful form of statistical analysis.  This is a calculation that not only offers you information and data, but which also places that data in context and relation to comparative statistics.  This can offer useful insights, and allow you to use data in … Read more

What Is Inner Join In SQL?

What Is Inner Join In SQL

One of the best languages for managing data is SQL. This language is often used for database management and other related tasks. However, if you’re not familiar with SQL and how to use it, you may feel confused when you hear about certain terms, such as outer joins, SQL inner join, or outer join returns. … Read more



Tmpfs is a filesystem that stores temporary files in RAM instead of on disk so that the operating system can quickly access them when needed. It uses either swap space or memory as its backing store. The advantage is that it does not use up any physical storage space. This is particularly useful for embedded … Read more

OQGRAPH Engine For MySQL, MariaDB And Drizzle

OQGRAPH Engine For MySQL, MariaDB And Drizzle

MySQL, MariaDB, and Drizzle are data management systems that are used around the world by large companies such as Google. These systems are all implemented with standard enterprise security features and are used to store data safely. Trying to find a way to view such a large amount of data can be difficult but that … Read more

MariaDB Security Updates

MariaDB Security Updates

MariaDB is a fork of the MySQL database server, developed by Monty Widenius and originally released as open-source under the GPL license on September 26, 2003. It was later forked again into MariaDB Server (formerly known as XtraDB) and MariaDB Community Edition (CE).The name MariaDB comes from its use of the MariaDB FFoundation’s trademarked name. … Read more

What Is DDL?

What Is DDL

If you’re dealing with databases, it’s only a matter of time before you come across the term DDL, which is an abbreviation of Data Definition Language, three words capable of striking fear in the heart of almost anyone without a computer science degree. Don’t worry, though, it’s nothing to be scared of. In fact, the … Read more

What Is Primary Key?

Primary key

In a database, keys are used to store, sort, and compare records, and also to initiate relationships between these records. The primary key of a database identifies each record within a relational table.  Choosing this key is an important part in maintaining a functional database. Either the primary key is a unique attribute, like the … Read more

How Is SQL Used?

How Is SQL Used

Managing data is highly important for everyone, especially in today’s digital age. Whether data is being processed by an individual, by an organization, or a company, it needs to be compiled in a way that is simple and easy to understand. There are many programs that can be used to process data in a clean … Read more

Is Not Null In SQL

Is Not Null In SQL

The NOT NULL condition is an important concept in SQL, but it is one that can be a little tricky to get your head around – particularly if you are still fairly new to the workings of SQL, and the commands and nuances that bring the magic to life.  To help you out, we have … Read more

What Is SQL Server?

What Is SQL Server

SQL Server is one of the most popular database management tools in use today. Millions of IT professionals all across the world rely on it every single day. If you want to learn about SQL Server, then this guide is for you! What Is SQL Server? SQL Server is a relational database management system from … Read more