What Is RDS?

What Is RDS

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services, which are a key component of Windows Server 2008. RDS allows users to both communicate with and access other machines virtually. There are a number of different virtual tech services provided by RDS, including the ability to access external desktops, data center applications, session-based desktops, as well as data … Read more

What Is A Dimension SQL?

What Is A Dimension SQL

The world of SQL and databases can seem like a huge, untamable monster. With all the different clauses, phrases, and keywords, you’d be forgiven for simply not knowing where to start. Whilst SQL can seem like an untamable monster, once you understand the basics, that huge monster starts to shrink. In this article, we’ll be … Read more

What Is SQL Used For?

What Is SQL Used For

SQL is a really useful language, but exactly what is it, and what is it used for? If you don’t know, then great news – you’ll quickly learn just what SQL is and what you can use it for! What Is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a computer language that allows … Read more

What Does SQL Stand For?

What Does SQL Stand For

You may have heard of SQL. Alongside the many things that have made their way into our lives through technology, SQL is one of them. SQL is very helpful in business and helps to manage the plethora of databases that some of us deal with every day. It is the standard language used in order … Read more

What Is A Snapshot SQL?

What Is A Snapshot SQL

A database snapshot in SQL Server is a read-only, static view of the database (the source database). The database snapshot is transactionally consistent with the source database at the time of snapshot production. A database snapshot is always saved on the same server instance as the source database. While database snapshots provide a read-only view … Read more

What Is A Query In SQL?

What Is A Query In SQL

The Q in SQL stands for Query, so, as you can glean, it’s a pretty crucial aspect of this database language, but what does it mean exactly, and how is a query built in SQL? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to guide you through here today. While the nuances of data languages may appear … Read more

What Does Alter Mean?

What Does Alter Mean

In the English dictionary, alter means to change, however, alter in SQL does not mean the same thing. SQL is used to communicate with databases and is the known standard language for database management systems. The statements used in SQL are utilized to perform tasks such as updating data or retrieving data. To put it … Read more

What Is SQL?

What Is SQL

SQL is a programming language that is used with relational databases. It is the code used to edit and communicate with the databases. It was standardized in 1986 and is still in popular use today. With SQL, you can update any information in the relational database, change any entry in the database, make any calculations, … Read more

What Does Collate Mean?

What Does Collate Mean

The word ‘collate’ can be used in many contexts, and is a term that is present in many fields. From printing to data management, the word ‘Collate’ carries very different meanings. But with so many possible meanings and contexts in which the word can be used, it isn’t a surprise that many people don’t know … Read more